Welcome to Bangla Post - Britain's First Bangla newspaper in the UK newsagent

  Message from the Editor in Chief / Managing Director    

Bangla Post became Britain's First Bangla newspaper to break into the mainstream newsagents in October 2013. For the first time a reader was able to pick up a Bangla newspaper sitting next to the national dailies such as The Guardian, FT and The Times to name a few. It’s a milestone a breakthrough moment in the British Bangla media timeline. Then the paper was distributed nationally. Displayed on Friday mornings in the agents along with the mainstream papers. 

Our mission is simple we aim to attract interest from over 650,000 eligible readers. Published on Fridays Bangla post is a bilingual weekly tabloid. With 35 pages in Bangla and 5 in the English it’s a 40 page full colour paper.

Bangla Post ensures that besides the first and second generation British Bangladeshis our target reader base includes the ever growing new generations of the community. We attract the younger generations, for they are known to have higher literacy and numeracy skills covering:

Current National and International affairs
Lifestyle and Entertainment

As in the past, Bangla Post would like to grow with our readers. Together we want to walk the walks in the good and not so good times. We will be here serving as a beacon of truth and a bridge between communities here and abroad. In Britain, Europe and Bangladesh.

I humbly take the responsibilities as the Editor in Chief and Managing Director, it is my duty to ensure that Bangla Post does not rest on its success despite its many achievements.

We at Bangla Post value the readers' feedback on our news coverages and articles. I believe your feedbacks have been helpful to continue improving our paper. I therefore welcome any suggestions and constructive criticisms. Please feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

With warmest regards


Taz Choudhury

Editor in Chief and Managing Director